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Shorty and Billy boy

Shorty & Billy Boy
Jacana 2013

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Shorty and Billy boy was written by Gerard Sekoto in 1974 on four A4 pages, as a creative exercise but not specifically planned for publication.

The trustees of The Gerard Sekoto Foundation wished to celebrate the centenary year of Sekoto's life by editing and publishing this charming story to help build awareness of Sekoto's legacy and in so doing to encourage literacy skills and art awareness. The book has been designed specifically to encourage looking and seeing.

It is beautifully illustrated with Sekoto's own drawings that he made specifically for the story and other appropriate sketches have been introduced to create a rich image intense book.

The Blue Heads introducing the Songs of Sekoto

The Blue Heads
(first published in 2004. Re-published to celebrate Sekoto Centenary)

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The cd was published by the Gerard Sekoto Foundation to honour Sekoto's musical talents and to share his creative abilities with his admirers. The songs were composed in the early 50's onwards, and he performed these songs whilst he worked in Pairs nightclubs and bars during the 50-60's. Some of the manuscripts were published in France.

The trustees of the Gerard Sekoto Foundation decided to put together a group of talented musicians to form a band to record the Sekoto songs thus making them accessible to the public. The Band was named THE BLUE HEADS to acknowledge a series of portraits painted by Sekoto in the early 60's and colloquially known as The Blue Head period. It appears this body of work was inspired by an article that appeared in Time Magazine in Feb 1960 featuring the South African singer, Miriam Makeba. Sekoto made a ballpoint drawing simply entitled Miriam Makeba 1960. Within the same year Sekoto had begun to create paintings of strongly delineated women, depicted in a minimalistic palette of blues creams and browns.

Song for Sekoto

Song for Sekoto
Song for Sekoto 1913 - 2013 a catalogue of Sekoto's art and life published by The Gerard Sekoto Foundation to accompany the art exhibition of the same name at WAM (Wits Art Museum) 25 April - 2 June 2013.

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The exhibition celebrates the centenary year of Gerard Sekoto, bringing to life his immense and powerful artistic legacy. Over 100 artworks will be on exhibition and cover Sekoto's early artistic development from 1938 to his last painting The Smoker 1993 that he felt he had failed to complete. The exhibition shares Sekoto's personal papers including letters received by various friends and admirers as well as documents relating to his personal life. Also featured in the displays are essays Sekoto contributed to the publication Presence Africaine, showing his intimate involvement with various pan African political movements.

Sekoto's determined efforts to fight racism and its devastating effects through his artistic creativity, and his life-long struggle to achieve human understanding through his art are highlighted within this exhibition.

Gerard Sekoto's World

Gerard Sekoto's World
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This Activity book was designed by Jo- Anne Duggan as an interactive coloring-in book (suggested adult guidance to children under the age of 8) This book comes with stickers and crayons.
The activities stimulate the seeding knowledge and interest in South African art and art history using Gerard Sekoto's life story and paintings as a beautiful journey of color and creative expression.